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  • "Kehlibar" Ltd. - The Jewel of Agriculture

    Kehlibar is a growth-oriented privately held Bulgarian agricultural company. We produce sunflower crude oil and we do agricultural commodity trading and processing in Bulgaria since 1997.

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  • 17 Years of Passion and Long Term Trusted Relationships

    Processing sunflower seeds from 10 t. per day in 2006 to 150 t. per day in 2016, thanks to our long trusted farmers and trade partners.

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  • Investing in Our Children

    Nurturing a love for farming needs to start when our children are young, then we can make them realise what a modern and challenging career it is.

    "We want to be a business with a soul and a real social mission, instead of just an agricultural one"

    — Svetlomir Todorov, CEO
  • "Kehlibar" Ltd.: The Amber That Extracts Sunflower Oil From The Sun

    We share our commitment of being an environmentally positive business. Kehlibar helps many people live a healthier lifestyle.

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Reinventing Bulgarian Agriculture

In 2011 Kehlibar made a commitment to advance and bring out Bulgarian agriculture on a world-class level as helping farmers and businesses to meet the new challenges of the world agriculture, to increase productivity and conquer new markets worldwide.

Our mission
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Kehlibar process sunflower seeds into high quality sunflower oil & sunflower meal for sell to food processors, the biofuels industry, livestock producers and other customers.

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Kehlibar services range from Agricultural commodity trading & processing, agro consulting, financial and risk management to pre-financing farmer service, management, mergers & acquisitions.

Our goal is to turn Bulgaria into a modern agricultural European country

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